Social Marketing Campaign

Why Social Marketing?

Encouraging more job seekers, graduates and students to apply for Blue Collar work requires the modification of misleading perceptions and a behavioural change. This does not only concern the key target group, but also other groups of society which have an influence on their decisions in this regard such as parents, friends, teachers, community leaders and even the society as a whole. Thus, a comprehensive campaign is required with specific approaches and instruments that are capable to actually trigger a mind shift of a large and diverse target group.

All this is difficult to achieve through standard commercial marketing approaches. In this context social marketing is the most effective approach when aiming at a behavioural change of a specific group or even the overall society. In contrast to commercial marketing it does not promote a certain product or service with primarily profit interests, but tries to influence the behaviour of a target group or the overall society for a greater social purpose.

Typically, the development and implementation of social marketing campaigns are based on standard elements as taken from commercial marketing approaches and adapted to the specific needs and requirements of social marketing initiatives. The tools within this chapter 1 refer to the 8 standard elements (= “8 Ps”) as described by Nedra Kline Weinreich in her book “Hands-on Social Marketing” (2011). An overview of these elements and their reference in the tools 1.1 – 1.4 is provided in the following table:

Chapter 1_Tool 1.1

What is inside the Chapter?

The chapter is made of 4 tools which describe:

>> Tool 1.1 - How to Elaborate a Social Marketing Study >> Tool 1.2 - How to Develop a Strategy for a Social Marketing Campaign >> Tool 1.3 - How to Implement Selected Instruments of the Social Marketing Campaign >> Tool 1.4 - How to Make Social Marketing Campaigns More Effective through Partnerships
Ideally, all 4 tools are implemented in an integrative approach, for highest effectiveness. >> Annex Social Marketing Study in the FMCG Sector (English) Social Marketing Study in the Printing and Packaging Sector (Arabic and English) Social Marketing Strategy Handbook (English) Social Marketing Strategy (English) INTELAQ Flyer (Arabic and English) INTELAQ Partner's Guide (English) Flow-Chart for a Parade and Event (English)