Job Orientation


Apart from insufficient information about decent Blue Collar employment opportunities, there is a huge demand for more job orientation. Graduates, students and job seekers are very often simply not aware of decent work opportunities in this field. They have no information on the respective sectors, their employment demand and relevant occupational profiles. At the same time, there is no structured approach to support the selection of the most suitable employment in line with the individual competences and qualifications.

Consequently, more guidance and advice is needed, e.g. on which decent Blue Collar occupations are offered in which sectors, which are most suitable, which skills and qualifications are required and how to obtain them. This orientation should at the same time point out that Blue Collar workplaces can be attractive, have decent working conditions, offer career opportunities and that Blue Collar workers are considered as valuable and highly demanded employees by companies.

Once aware of the opportunities and appreciation linked to Blue Collar work, students, graduates and job seekers will take a Blue Collar employment more often into consideration.

What is inside the Chapter?

The chapter is made of 3 tools which describe:

>> Tool 4.1 - How to Organise Employment Fairs >> Tool 4.2 - How to Organise "School into Industry" Events >> Tool 4.3 - How to Develop and Implement Online Job Orientation

All tools described in this chapter should ideally be combined with tools presented in other chapters for highest effectiveness. Ideally, job orientation activities should be complemented with instruments for better communication and promotion (chapter 2), job profiling (chapter 3) and job quality (chapter 5).

>> Annex Employment Fair Manual (English) Documentation of a School Into Industry Event linked to a Fair in the Printing and Packaging Sector (English) Documentation of School Into Industry Events in the Printing and Packaging Sector (English)