Vocational Education Image Promotion


The countries in the MENA region are facing numerous economic, social and environmental challenges – a globalising economy with growing interdependencies, intensive labour migration flows within the region and worldwide, the demographic gift of a growing population with more than 100 million of young people entering into the labour market throughout the next decades and the increase of new technologies.

Hence, employment promotion became one of the most pressing demands all over the MENA region. The working groups of the sector network SN MENA are currently approaching the subject from different perspectives, since the majority of its member programmes are facing the urgent need of promoting employment and creating jobs.

One of the findings within the sector network has been vocational education and labour market programmes that foster employment can only be implemented successfully if the image of professional education in the partner countries improves at the same time.

Against this background, the careful design of image promotion measures adapted to the context - that also reflect the different challenges regarding the social significance of vocational education - is required.

As this approach is usually not a standard element of development cooperation programmes, and as promoting vocational education can be a time and resource consuming task, a toolbox with ready-made approaches including good and less recommendable practices, comes in handy.

What is inside the Chapter?

In this compilation of vocational education image promotion approaches you will find the learning experiences of the following GIZ programmes:

„Employment Promotion“ in Egypt

“Promotion of Vocational Education & Small and Medium Enterprise Development” in Lebanon

“Promotion of TVET and Labour Market” in Palestine

The compilation of tools is suitable for both

The chapter is made of 20 tools which describe:

>> Tool 8.1 Example of a Communication Strategy (example only) >> Tool 8.2 How to Develop a Project Identity and Branding >> Tool 8.3 How to Create a Facebook Page >> Tool 8.4 How to Promote your Facebook Page with Facebook Ads >> Tool 8.5 How to Use Facebook Promotional Posts >> Tool 8.6 How to Create a Project Website >> Tool 8.7 How to Use Media (Print, Radio, TV) for Awareness Raising, Promotion and Information Purposes >> Tool 8.8 How to Publish Ads in Print Media (Magazines and Newspapers) >> Tool 8.9 How to Publish Articles in Print Media (Magazines and Newspapers) >> Tool 8.10 How to Develop and Broadcast Radio Ads >> Tool 8.11 How to Use Text Messages (SMS) for Awareness Raising, Promotion and Information Purposes >> Tool 8.12 How to Use Billboards for Awareness Raising, Promotion and Information Purposes >> Tool 8.13 How to Create and Distribute Newsletters >> Tool 8.14 How to Install Information Points >> Tool 8.15 How to Organise Events for Awareness Raising, Promotion and Information Purposes >> Tool 8.16 How to Produce Documentaries and Image Films >> Tool 8.17 How to Broadcast Documentaries and Image Films >> Tool 8.18 How to Disseminate Documentaries and Image Films through DVD >> Tool 8.19 What is Your Job? >> Tool 8.20 How to Produce a Video Job Profile >> Annex Example of a Communication Strategy Presentation of a Communication Strategy Action Plan for a Communication Strategy Example of an Ad DSME Facebook Page TVET Facebook Page Example Statistics 1 Example Statistics 2 Example Facebook Promotion Example Post Promotional Statistics 1 Example Post Promotional Statistics 2 How To Create an Ad Example of a Website 1_English Example of a Website 1_Arabic Example of a Website 2_English Example of a Website 2_Arabic Donya el Watan Newspaper Maan News Open Day Media Coverage Open Day Report Open Day Zamn Press Example of an Ad in Print Media 1 Example of an Ad in Print Media 2 Example of an Article in Print Media 1 Example of an Article in Print Media 2 Radio Delta Interview Radio Delta Promotion Radio Ad Raising Awareness Sawt El Ghad Interview Sawt El Ghad Promotion Radio Ad Documentary Promotion Example of a Billboard Ad for Billboard Example of a Newsletter 1 Example of a Newsletter 2 Newsletter on a Website Example of Information Point 1 Example of Information Point 2 Agenda Open Day TVET Hebron_English Agenda Open Day TVET Hebron_Arabic Banner sample Booklet TVET PSE Open Days FB event Open day Foamboard Sample Invitation Open Day Poster Sample GIZ Intranet Open Day Documentary Dual System Training Poster Announcing MTV Airing of Documentary Documentary Envelope